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devlog #4

February 22, 2022



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online football manager

Become a superstar

  • Player – create your own footballer, pick a name and position you would like to play in. Train and improve to push your career forward.
  • Enhance your abilities – in real life every footballer is different; they all possess diverse skills and offer something unique. We apply the same approach, as we want you to stand out in a crowd.
  • Upgrade your items – the better the gear, the better the footballer, there is no doubt about that. Take charge of your player, acquire top of the range items and level them up.
  • Complete achievements – collect individual awards and club medals, fill up your trophy cabinet and obtain bonuses. To be the best, you need to beat the best.
online football manager

You are always part of the team

  • Club – join an existing team or create your own club, play with complete strangers and build new relationships or invite your friends to join you.
  • Improve the infrastructure – for a football club to generate higher income and gain a competitive edge in the industry, the infrastructure has to be constantly improved. Attract top talent by being ahead of others.
  • Manage finances – having great stadium and corporate facilities is one thing, being good with money is another. Appoint the right people, be reasonable, and manage your club budget well.
  • Build the reputation – There is more to a football club than just money. Strengthen your relationship with other clubs, build a loyal fanbase and choose the right direction for your team.


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