Published February 22, 2022

devlog #4

Hi, ballers!

We are aware that it's been a while since the last announcement but don't worry, contrary to some people might think, we haven't forgotten about you or the project. The objectives for this year haven't changed, we would like to release an alpha version of the game first, then beta, and do our best to launch the official fballers product. This article is to inform you of what we have been working on in January and February and maintain the regular communication with yourselves.

Re-designing menu

Those who are actively chatting with us on Discord are already aware of the mistake we did with the initial design of our navigation bar, but to those who aren't and haven't seen the leaks.. Believe us or not, we spent quite some time with our lead graphic designer working on the nav bar, yet we forgot to include resources (i.e. cash, training time, fcoins) within the design. Quite embarrassing to admit, however mistakes happen to everyone, and they definitely will happen to us in the future.

As much as we hated the fact our whole menu had to be re-designed, we had no choice but to do it, and we did it. Both versions of the app (iOS and Android) have now been re-written with the new menu design and we are fairly confident we haven't forgotten about any aspects this time! The old and new designs have been shared via the leaks channel on Discord, so if you're curious of the work we've completed, please join the fballers server and feel free to share your feedback with us.


On top of the navigation bar work, we have also spent some time looking for and working with another graphic designer whose primary task was to create unique icons for our app. When we started working our lead UI/UX person, he advised us designing icons was never his forte and recommended to contact someone else regarding that part of the front-end. It took us a few weeks to find the right person for the job but we finally did it, we have been working together for some time now and almost all icons are now finished - we are hoping they will be a nice addition to the sharp looking user interface.

List of modules that required icons in the current iteration of fballers app:

  • Achievements

  • Agents

  • Infrastructure

What's ahead

So what are the plans for next couple of weeks? We will carry on the development work, coding the UI design, expanding commentary system and internally testing the app. We have also discussed the possibility of adding a progress bar onto our website or Discord to provide even more transparency and better reflect the amount of work that has been completed to this date. As always, we highly appreciate your patience and would like to thank everyone for being and supporting us throughout this journey!

Kind regards, team fballers


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