Published November 03, 2021

devlog #2

Evening, ballers!

First of all, thank you for your patience and understanding, we know we have mentioned this many times but we also realise that our Discord has not been extremely active in the last couple of months, to say the least. Although we haven't posted much, we would like to ensure you that we carry on working on the project and it is something we plan on releasing in a good condition. Of course, we cannot promise the end product will be flawless, as all game makers tend to fix bugs and issues, as well as, adjust in-game systems based on feedback gathered from users. We can assure you that we are and will be working on fballers, with all of you, to create something pleasant and hopefully huge!

Preparation for testing stages

We promised in our last, and also the first, devlog that the next one will contain information regarding the onboarding process for testing stages, which will help us understand how many people would like to participate and what we can expect from them. For that reason, we have created a Google form, very simple questionnaire that will hopefully help us gain more understanding of certain technical aspects. We trust you will have no issues understanding the form and answering the questions, however we are happy to provide support in that area regardless, please feel free to message us on Discord or email at [email protected] - we will try to explain everything to the best of our abilities.

Feedback from our community is immensely important for us and so are the questions we have put in the questionnaire along with the testing stages themselves. The more, better and quicker we test, the easier it's going to be to discover and fix all issues and proceed to the official release. Ideally, we would like to have a wide range of devices at our disposal - different brands, different versions of Android/iOS - to avoid any major disruptions after the official launch. It's impossible to predict every scenario and eliminate all risks, however we can definitely do a lot to reduce those risks and make the official launch as smooth as possible. Please let your friends know and share the below questionnaire with those interested in the game.

Alpha Questionnaire

Progress update

As we have already mentioned in our previous devlog; our aim is to deliver fairly regular updates regarding the progress of our work, it's crucial to keep you all up to date and that's what we will try to achieve with devlogs and leaks. To present the information in a clear way, we have decided to split everything into three sections, these are as follows: planning (first stage), implementation (second stage) and review/testing (third stage). For each of them, we will provide a percentage (%) to reflect the amount of work completed and a brief description of what we worked/are working on - we hope this, along with the leaks, will satisfy your needs in terms of knowing what is going on with the project, at least for the time being.

First stage; we can happily announce that in terms of planning 90% of work has been completed; most of the major systems and their functionality are documented and have been agreed upon by the dev team. The only system we are still making changes to is the training module, we had plenty of ideas for it but keep thinking that there is still a lot of room for improvement and the whole module can be much more interesting and feel more innovative. Once we have agreed on the training system, we will then proceed to review all documents again to ensure they are clear, informative and meet our internal needs.

Second stage; this part, as you probably already know, is the biggest of them all and contains by far the highest number of components. What does it actually refer to? Pretty much everything in terms of the actual development/coding, including but not limited to: functionality of each system, amount of UI/UX design coded for each module, commentary system (number of lines it consists of), internal tests etc. As things stand, we believe 30% of work has been completed in this area. There is plenty of work ahead of us but as we've said earlier on; we're not giving up and systematically making progress. Whilst 30% doesn't seem like a lot, it is worth mentioning this phase consumes a lot of time at the beginning but once the basic structured has been completed, it is then much easier to code and make progress.

Third stage; last but not least, hasn't actually started yet so effectively it's at 0%, as we're only entering this phase now. The introductory element is the Alpha Questionnaire, collecting data is a valuable part of the process and can be of huge benefit for us. This is an aspect where we need you, our community, to progress further, as without you the alpha and beta tests are simply going to take much longer and delay the official launch. We are hoping that with your help, this bit will be much smoother and easier for us and we can assure you that your effort will not got unnoticed.

Kind regards, team fballers


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