Published May 09, 2021

Abilities system

Evening, ballers!

During the last AMA session hosted on our Discord server, we had showcased all abilities implemented in the game but also promised a new system consisting of more skills and a new method of training said abilities. Today, we would like to present the revamped skills, training system and supply a list of all skills. We are also hoping to hear your feedback and any suggestions you may have regarding the new system.

The new abilities will be divided into two categories; primary skills and secondary skills. The first set of abilities is considered to be the main group, while the secondary skills as the name suggests are responsible for boosting the primary abilities. In the new system, each player starts with 200 energy and by default gets 5 energy points every hour until the energy limit (200) is reached. The energy can be used to train secondary skills and gain experience which can then be used to level up primary abilities.

Levelling up primary skills

In order to improve primary skills, players will have to gain experience through various in-game activities, such as: participating in matches, individual and team training sessions, club camps. We are considering adding more ways of earning experience but before we do that, we would like to test the system multiple times first. The experience gained through those activities will allow players to level up and acquire skill points, which can be then added to one of the primary skills. Once distributed, the skill points cannot be reset, so remember to choose wisely. Below is a list of all primary abilities, which will be available in the first version of the game.

  1. Attacking primary skills:
    • finishing,
    • heading,
    • long shots
  2. Playmaking primary skills:
    • passing,
    • crossing,
    • dribbling
  3. Defending primary skills:
    • intercepting,
    • tackling,
    • marking
  4. Goalkeeping primary skills:
    • handling,
    • one on ones,
    • reflex

Training secondary skills

Levelling up has no effect on secondary skills, these can only be trained through individual training, team training and club camp. Similarly, to the last two, the new individual training gives players the option to choose intensity level, as of now there are following intensity levels implemented in the game: low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity. Lower intensity training sessions require less energy, but last much longer, meaning those who opt to do high intensity training will be able to develop more abilities in the same amount of time as those who choose low or medium intensity. This is incredibly important because if an ability is not trained for certain amount of time (72 hours in the current version), the skill points will start to regress, therefore it should be crucial for everyone to regularly work on all abilities. We are hoping this will keep the gap between the best and worst players fairly close in the future and enhance the uniqueness. Initially, secondary abilities will be capped at 25 skill points to eliminate a scenario where a player is only focusing his attention on one ability and as a result gaining huge boost to one of the primary skills.

  1. Attacking secondary skills:
    • intuition,
    • bravery,
    • precision,
    • off the ball
  2. Playmaking secondary skills:
    • vision,
    • technique,
    • ball control,
    • first touch
  3. Defending secondary skills:
    • positioning,
    • decisions,
    • aggression,
    • strength
  4. Goalkeeping secondary skills:
    • determination,
    • anticipation,
    • eccentricity,
    • jumping reach

Altogether, there are 28 skills in the game, 12 primary abilities and 16 secondary skills – this should keep each one of you entertained throughout your journey with fballers. We are also truly hoping this system will be fair and competitive, as this was our main goal when we decided to sit down and redesign it. The general concept and structure of the abilities will not change, however if you have any suggestions, please do share them with us and the rest of the community on Discord, as we always strike to accommodate all your needs.

Regards, team fballers


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